This is the last week of the LearnMoodle MOOC at This week is titled “Taking it Further” and highlights advanced Moodle features like the Lesson, Workshop, Completion, Backing up and Restoring courses, Badges and Conditional Activities. These advanced features can really take your Moodle course to another level.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Mary Cooch and Helen Foster explain each of the advanced activities and then settings within their week 4 presentation, then in closing they tour a few participant courses as kind of a show and tell of what courses were created over the course of the MOOC.

While LearnMoodle is ending this week you can still sign up and breeze through the course with a lot of dedication this week, or stay tuned for the next time the LearnMoodle MOOC runs. Next week marks the final live session with Mary and Helen as they wrap up the 2nd running of LearnMoodle.

Watch week 4 “Advanced Moodling” here or below:

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