Week two of the LearnMoodle MOOC has kicked off (weekly sessions are on Sundays) with an introduction from Martin Dougiamas.

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Martin briefly talks about the future of the LearnMoodle MOOC and his thoughts on training teachers to use Moodle,

“I’m just really happy to see this happening, the reason we are having the MOOC — the second one as you know — though we are intending on having more on a regular basis. The reason we are doing that is to try and give people the experience in using Moodle from the inside and the best way to learn Moodle really is to experience it. In fact that is the only way. I don’t think you can really tell someone only how to do things how to use this tool, how to use that tool. It’s not until you actually experience it as a student that I think you really understand the activities and how they work. And that will make you a better teacher. Unfortunately teachers, all us teachers, we don’t get enough time to actually be learners in the environment that we created. So this is just a chance for everyone to do that and at the same time share a lot of information, meet some people and practice being online together and to hear from the wonderful Mary and Helen and all their expertise and skills at facilitating…”

The rest of the session covers week 2’s content and activities that teachers are asked to complete. Week 2 is focused on getting participants involved by creating their first resources as the Moodle Book. Watch the full episode below or sign up and join the fun online at https://learn.moodle.net/

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