Webinar: “Introducing Lambda Analytika™ for Totara and Moodle Reporting” on June 18th



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Updated 6/2: new date is June 18th due to a scheduling conflict

Lambda Solutions has  unveiled a new service for Moodle and Totara reporting called Analytika which they’ll showcase in a webinar at the end of the month. Analytika provides ad hoc and regular reporting of activity on your LMS in a way that’s purportedly easier to use and share with colleagues. You can check out additional information or request a test drive at http://www.lambdasolutions.net/products/lmsreporting/.

According to the webinar announcement,

Lambda Solutions introduced Lambda Analytika™ to ultimately solve the Totara and Moodle reporting challenges that exist today: limited access to data, limited options to analyze data and limited options to share your analysis. These limitations are the driving reason why organizations are moving to new learning management systems. Lambda Analytika™ is the reporting solution you expect from your Learning Management System.

This webinar will demonstrate how matching a powerful, easy-to-use reporting solution with access to all of your learning data, can be used to provide more meaningful, interactive and actionable insights. We will demonstrate how using a modern reporting solution can exceed your reporting expectations.

The webinar takes place at 1pm EST on June 18th. Register here: http://go.lambdasolutions.net/webinar-introducing-lambda-analytika-totara-moodle-reporting.

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  1. It’s great to see everyone on the analytics game. I think one of the best analytics AND reporting combination tools available might be IntelliBoard, Inc’s plugin and accompanying website Intelliboard.net. The guys over there are friendly and love solving your reporting problems by making them into simple to see/read/export solutions. Oh and it’s free if you are an enterprise subscriber. If you need some help, these are the the GO-TO guys in the Moodle analytics and reporting market.


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