Web version of the Popular Moodle ToolGuide is available on the page http://roelmann.no-ip.org/moodletoolguide
Moodle ToolGuide was originally released by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamas) and then Gavin Henrick updated for Moodle2. It’s been well used and well developed over the years in many institutions and has been a useful tool as an enormous poster.
Now, Richard Oelmann has updated the toolguide by incorporating the tools from the wider online learning environment (e.g. including things like webconferencing, lecture capture etc).
The best thing which I liked the most is the direct link to the Moodle docs page for the tool when clicked on the tool name.
You can have a look on the Moodle ToolGuide here: http://roelmann.no-ip.org/moodletoolguide and you can also download the code behind the toolguide from this github link: https://github.com/roelmann/moodletoolguide
The Moodle ToolGuide is released under the Creative Commons, with attribution, non-commercial, share-alike licence as the original one.

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