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Analytics are hot everywhere, and the eLearning universe is no exception. It is a data driven world and knowing what’s happening with your learners has never been more important – for their ultimate success and to underline how your online program helps them to achieve the same.

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Moodle offers exceptional opportunities for understanding the learner experience. As we’ve written before, Moodle has a significant number of analytical tools already baked in for instructors and administrators alike. However, if you’re just getting started with analytics, it can be difficult to know where to cut your teeth and what tools might offer the highest value. Fortunately, Moodle has created a list of seven tools that are all decent jumping off points for analyzing your learners’ performances:

  1. Monitor events: just keeping track of when your learners are doing things can be an eye opener. This could include when people download materials, upload assignments, respond to messages and more.
  2. The broad picture: Installing the Overview Statistics Plugin allows you to see where your learners are coming from, what languages they use, and other course-related data.
  3. Administrative Reports: There are a variety of site-wide reports available for administrators that allow them to monitor system activities such as question instances and commenting.
  4. Student progress: You can monitor how learners are progressing against a spectrum of indictors and activities using the Engagement analytics plugin.
  5. Logging: Administrators have access to reporting about teacher, site and live LMS activities. Check out what logging reports are available here.
  6. Analyze Interactions: You can better understand how learners and instructors are interacting in forums using the Forum Graph plugin.
  7. Outside Analytics: You can import analytics from Google and Piwik into Moodle using this plugin.

What Analytical Tools do you use the most in Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. I have started using Piwik, but I also using some custom tracking code like browser detection to understand exactly what the users are accessing the site with

  2. In the plugins, you can find Intelliboard, Inc’s ( analytics and reporting plugin, which has by far is the most developed the simplest way to view Moodle’s and even third party data on a single dashboard. Anyone else use They have partnered with a few large learning management hosts recently so you might already have access to it. They have over 2 million learners and also recently inked a deal to be available to all powerschool users. Contact them as they are friendly to work with.


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