Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) which is an activity module to manage programming assignments. The salient features of the VPL module are:

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  • Enable to edit the programs source code in the browser
  • Students can run interactively programs in the browser
  • You can run tests to review the programs.
  • Allows searching for similarity between files.
  • Allows setting editing restrictions and avoiding external text pasting.

In the recent version the changes included (from 3.1.1) are:

  • Added global configuration setting for use a proxy to access from the Moodle server to the execution servers (Contributed by Max Maff)
  • Added global configuration setting for the type of WebSocket connection (wss or ws) used from browser to the execution servers (contributed by José Norberto Guiz Fernandes Corrêa):
    • Use ws or wss when using http or https to access the moodle server
    • Use always wss
    • Use always ws
  • Fixed the bug that prevented to ask confirmation to user before abandon the page when files has been changed.

VPL activity module
You can download the latest version of the VPL module from this link:
Moreover, you can help the VPL development team in improving the VPL module by filling out this survey form and suggest the possible improvements.
For more details about using the VPL module, please check out this link:

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