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Philip Raschke has created a plugin that could prove to be quite useful for instructors, especially those with multiple classes that contain numerous students and assignments.

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The concept is simple, Philip’s Assignments Block allows the user to view all assignments in one block, dividing them between those that have been graded and those that are pending in the “to be graded” queue. Nothing fancy, but definitely useful if you’re juggling a bunch of classes, with multiple assignments across many students.

assignments block pluginWe may be a bit a head of the gun on this plugin: as of this post, the plugin has not been updated for 3.0 and it appears to still be in need of some tweaks for performance. However, I think it is worth watching for the efficiency and quick-glance organization it has the potential to provide.

You can get the Assignments block plugin at the Moodle database here.


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