Below is a recap (translated, edited, and shared with permission) of the Vienna Dev Camp 2015 (one of the first developer-online “Moots” for Moodle) which wrapped early July. The event highlights included a meeting of the minds and even a contributed plugin for Moodle that helps facilitate course development that will work across devices. You can check out the untranslated post here

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For the first time developers and users met at Moodle DevCamp at Vienna University to share ideas for the future of Moodle user experience – and the team of Moodlerooms was there.

Moodle has a huge advantage as Learning Management System – it is actively and continuously developed through a variety of dedicated organizations and developers around the world! To bring these creative people and their good ideas to one place, the Dev Camp was held from June 30 through July 1st in Vienna. As the organizer, the Academic Moodle Cooperation (AMC) and Moodlerooms got together, and hosted the free event at the University of Vienna.

Moodlerooms supports such meetings to give the world’s largest Moodle Partner inspiration for further development of the Moodle experience. The Moodlerooms team involved in the planning and execution of the event in a big way and had a strong on the ground presence with five people attending! Moodlerooms organizers not only moderated but were directly involved in the development of new solutions.

Participants included both software developers from the industry as well as individuals from the community all looking to improve the popular open source learning platform. Participants ranged from experts to beginners and hailed from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Great Britain, the US and Israel.

The aim of the two-day intensive exchange was to develop solutions for users, but also to explore innovative ways to promote the expansion and use of Moodle. This was not just a thought experiment – it was clear from the outset that the results (code and ideas) should be shared as quickly as possible with the broader Moodle community. Improvements in the Moodle experience – for example in the areas of user interface, Mobile, Academic tools or integration – are exactly what we want from Moodlerooms!

The participants were able to concentrate fully in a stimulating open format atmosphere and brainstorming/connections between developers was aided through the user of Moodle as a registration site bringing each together in forums focused on various topics which guided the program. Several working groups were formed on the spot to let developers dive more deeply into a specific idea.

As if the above was not already rewarding enough, there were also DevCamp Awards for the four most pioneering solutions! The winning designs were then made ​​available for use by the community though all participants of the Dev Camp earned an exclusive badge created by Stuart Lamour, User Experience developer at Moodlerooms. With so many great memories and personal connections made it’s clear that the event was a success – and you can already look forward to the next DevCamp!

For additional information on how the event was held or to stay up to date on further announcements check out

More pictures from the event are available by the links below:



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