Recently Jusitn Hunt (The PooDLL guy) has released another filter named Video Easy which will play mp4, mp3 and other media files with html5 players.  It uses user editable templates to allow the admin to customize the appearance of existing players or to support new players. Predefined player templates support Video JS, Sublime Video, JW Player, Flowplayer and MediaElement.js
Here is a quick video about the Video Easy filter:

One of the strengths of Video Easy is that it makes use of the under utilized Moodle feature that allows you to configure filters at the course and at the activity level. Using this, for example, it is possible to display videos in a particular page using a different template/player to that used elsewhere. This would make it possible to make a page with 100 videos embedded, behave differently to a page with just a single video.

Video Easy Players
Video Easy Players

To check out the demo of the Video Easy filter, just check out this link:
To download the latest version of the Video easy filter, check out this link:

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