Joshua Bragg Moodle Moot US 2015At the MoodleMoot US 2015, Joshua Bragg gave a great presentation around how he uses Quizzes to make homework interactive for his chemistry students at Reynolds High School. (Note: like so many of us, he is not only a chemistry teacher, but he’s also the Moodle admin and trainer for others).

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The use of quizzes is a part of Joshua’s drive to create automaticity with his students – increasing their ability to automatically perform necessary tasks to “get” chemistry done. He uses quizzes for the following learning pathways:

  1. Homework (Practice)
  2. Quizzes (Timed Practice)
  3. Multiple Choice Review (Test Concept Review)
  4. Test Review (Test Problem Type Review)

I also personally enjoyed the time he spent going through his use of Certainty Based Marking, to help students understand the confidence levels they associate with both tasks and results. Check out the whole talk below – totally worth it [direct video link:]:

Joshua encourages anyone to contact him or just follow along at @chembragg and #makeHWwork

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