Brett McCroary, a carpenter by trade, is now a full time teacher and instructor for TAFE Illawarra. He recently presented a short form presentation at the Australia Moodle Moot on how he now uses technology to teach building skills to students, including Moodle and Adobe Connect. It’s a great illustration of real-world Moodle use.

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The 15 minute video talks all about the students, how they utilize the platform, how activity on the platform is easily monitored, and the pros and cons of using Moodle with the program. What do students think about it? Here’s one response from about 7:50 in [link]:

“everything in Moodle is easy to find and all central. Easy to access. The feedback is really good. It’s really helpful when I know something is wrong and know where to go fix it. I just go on Moodle and find a pre-recorded sessions and everything is easy to find.”

You can watch the full video here from Moodle’s official channel:

You can also check out Brett’s Youtube Channel that hosts their training videos at “The Chippy” channel.

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