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If you are a Moodlepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to stay engaged with your learners to help them progress through your courses, introduce them to new opportunities and, generally, look to your offerings for future growth. In order to do this, you need to be able to easily search and drill into your LMS data to target your messaging.

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We’ve featured Course Merchant here on MoodleNews before as a service that has the potential to make delivery and management of your Moodle offerings easier. Because their service plugs into the front end of you Moodle instance, it has access to all of the data related to your courses and users.

In the two presentations below (see here and here), the folks over at Course Merchant have given an excellent overview of how to use the data within your LMS (their example includes Moodle and Totara) to stay engaged with learners, give a nudge to those with slow progress, potentially up and cross sell your courses, and create ad hoc reports that are important to your success:

How do you use learner data to help them improve and improve your business? Tell us below in the comments!
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