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Math is an essential component of any well-rounded education. And, today’s ever more intense focus on STEM continues to keep math at the top of the list necessary skills.

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Moodle TeX RenderingPresenting mathematical concepts in the classroom can be done with relative ease on a whiteboard, overhead or some other presentation format. But what about when you need to deliver those same concepts in an online environment like Moodle? Square and cube roots? Fractions? And, what about sin and cos?

Never fear, because Moodle has you covered through it’s incorporation of the TeX  Notation language. (PS – If you want to sound in the know, TeX is pronounced “Tek”). Briefly, TeX allows you to use the keys you have available on any standard keyboard to create beautiful mathematical equations. After you type in the formula you want, Moodle renders the equation for you. It is really that simple and it works anywhere in Moodle – forums, chat, quizzes, etc.

The biggest hiccup you’ll likely experience is the fact that there are many flavors of TeX out there. This means you should definitely take some time to make sure that the equations your entering are being rendered correctly in Moodle.

If you’re feeling adventurous, or an advanced Moodler – check out the Advanced Math Tools here.

If you’re a total novice and want to check out an even simpler way to get Math into your courses, check out the DragMath Editor here.


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