The IPAL module provides a free, open-source solution that allows students to use a mixture of web-enabled devices (laptops, iPads, smartphones, etc.) to respond to in-class polling through a Moodle module.

Student Polling view
Student Polling view

Currently this activity module supports only multichoice, true-false, and essay questions. The teacher can use the Ipal activity to create the questions they want to use for the polling. The creation of questions is identical to the creation of questions for a Moodle quiz. Any question created for IPAL can be used in a Moodle quiz and vise versa.
When the teacher is in class, the teacher goes to the desired ipal instance and, at appropriate times, sends out a question. As the students respond to the question, the teacher sees a display of the responses in real time.
IPal Teacher Histogram View
IPal Teacher Histogram View

You can download the latest version of the Ipal activity module from this link:
To know more about the Ipal activity module, please check out this document.

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