The recently released repository plugin ‘URL downloader (Xpert)’ repository allows a user to attribute an image downloaded via a URL to the copyright holder.

Xpert URL Downloader repository plugin
Xpert URL Downloader repository plugin

The difference between URL Downloader (Xpert) and the standard Moodle  ‘URL downloader’ repository plugin is that it allows a user to attribute the downloaded image to the copyright holder.  This is accomplished by appending the chosen license’s icon, the copyright year, source URL and author name to the bottom of the image.
The size of the image is determined by a dropdown menu at the upload stage with small, medium (standard) and large options. The background and text colour of the appended copyright information can be chosen from a predefined list of options.
For downloading the latest version of the URL downloader repository plugin please check out the link:
For more documentation, please refer to :

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