Update: Moodle 3.0 is almost here

Moodle Tracker for 3.0

I was just spending a few minutes checking out the Moodle Tracker for how things are progressing on Moodle 3.0. Happy news! It looks like things are well on their way (approximately 95% of issues identified in the QA check have been resolved.) Stats:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • 259 issues were identified
  • 251 have been resolved
  • 4 issues are “in process”
  • 4 issues remain as “to dos”

This looks great with 8 days left until the proposed release date of 08 NOV 15.

Are you ready for Moodle 3.0? Tell us what you’ll be doing with the new release (if anything) at your institution.