Two issues with Completion in Moodle


completionI love using Completion Criteria and the Completion Block in Moodle to provide students a really easy way to know how well they are doing in the course, how many assignments in the course are required, and their progress in working through them.

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There are two minor issues we discovered working with completion which you might not be aware of:

  1. If an attempt by a student is deleted (and that attempted previously had a grade) completion will still be checked for that student (a false positive). I haven’t found a way to work around this yet except for unlocking completion which will reset completion for all students (the next time cron runs all completed assignments are re-checked).
  2. If completion is “unlocked” using the completion criteria, student data is kept intact for all assignments and attempts which are unaltered, however all completion dates are reset to the timestamp of when cron updates the completion table (so historical time stamps will be lost).

Issue number one is more problematic in my opinion, especially in cases where a student might be retaking an exam, their submission was graded but didn’t meet the full requirements (and needs to be resubmitted) and had to be deleted, etc. Without completion updating or becoming unchecked the student will still see that they are complete and teachers will see that they are complete by looking at the completion report. I’ve detailed (briefly) the issue in the Moodle Tracker. If this is also an issue for you please vote for it:

(Or, if you have a suggestion for a workaround let me know and point me in the right direction.)

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