Totara Releases Version 2.9

totara releases 2.9

Recently, Totara announced the release of the latest version (2.9) of its LMS. The release comes packed with a host of new features. Here are some of the highlights:

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  • Goal Types: The LMS now supports adding custom fields to personal goals (as opposed to goals for the company).
  • Updating start/end dates: when you change the start date for a course, the end date will automatically adjust accordingly.
  • Create course rules with AND: you can now use the “and” operator to create nested course prereqs and rules.
  • Graph colors: you have the ability to customize the colors of graphs in reports
  • Audience management: the LMS now supports options for dynamic audiences that prevent unexpected changes and lock audience lists when necessary.
  • Program progress: Totara now allows students to watch their progress in a course.
  • Report cloning: You have the ability to clone reports to make tweaks, adjustments and customizations.
  • Reporting restrictions: there are new administrative options that allow you to control what users see when viewing reports.
  • Totara Connect: this new feature allows users to have a single sign-on across multiple Totara instances.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, check out all of the new features at TotaraLMS.