It passed without me noticing, but last November was the 5th birthday for What started as an idea for a Moodle-related magazine quickly evolved into a daily blog of news, videos and other info aggregated and curated from around the web. Subsequently a weekly newsletter was added and 5 years later I still get up extra early every weekday to spread what Moodle news I find interesting.

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And there is still so much that I find interesting in the world of Moodle!

Unfortunately, there’s only so much just one dude can do, so I’m looking for anyone interested in growing an established web presence and community resource, and who loves and uses Moodle as much as I do.


2-5 hour per week writer capable of creating 10 or more posts in that duration all related to Moodle.

Minimum Responsibilities and Qualifications

  • Interest in digging into RSS feeds, Moodle forums, the Docs, Tracker, Plugins, Moodle Code, playing with Moodle, installing demo sites, interviewing users, asking questions and ultimately making other people excited about the open source LMS through words, videos and pictures
  • Ability to write succinct summaries, engaging headlines and use hashtags
  • Attention to detail, especially grammar and spelling (you know the difference between its and it’s)
  • Strong understanding of Moodle and related-services
  • Willingness to install and try something out before deeming it worthy of sharing
  • Has a load of Moodle related bookmarks in a bookmarking site like Evernote or Diigo
  • Ability to create terrible “photoshopped” images in MS Paint or Word like this one:


Does it pay? Yes. Moodlenews is ad-supported (as you may have noticed). While it won’t put you in a Orange Ferrari it might pay for a round of Mojitos or buy you that Moodle hoodie from the new store. Who knows long-term…


Use the Contact link to submit your name, email, and either a link to a Moodle post (a shared Google Doc is aok) or 5 “headlines” for hypothetical posts.




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  1. Hi Joseph,

    Please can I thank you for your continued work on MoodleNews. I’m interested in the role concept but spend so much of my time already with Collapsed Topics, Grid, Essential, Shoehorn, Shoelace etc….!

    So all I can do is wish you continued success.

    Kind regards,



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