timestat blockWe’re pleased to announce that the Timestat Block plugin is now updated for Moodle 2.9. You’ll remember that we crowdfunded the development of this plugin with your support back in 2014, finally releasing it in September. As a refresher:

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What it does: Timestat tracks the duration of time a student has a browser window active with Moodle resources or activities displaying. This helps to provide teachers and administrators with information regarding time on task, an important metric for many certification and professional development requirements.

The block is still considered “Experimental” because it requires a core hack in Moodle after you’ve installed it. This means that automatic installs and updates aren’t available and you’ll need to download the update here.

Thank you again to Łukasz Sanokowski for all of his work on this.

We’d love to know about your experience with the Timestat Block – has it added value to your Moodling? Leave us a comment / review below.

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