us partnersAt the closing remarks of the US MoodleMoot on Thursday August 6th Martin Dougiamas announced two new US-based Moodle Partners: Moonami and ElearningExperts.

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The announcement brings the total of US partners to four.

This is a very important step in the evolution of our firm, our relationship with Moodle HQ and the larger community.

Says John Porten of Moonami.

The Moodle Partner status will bring us substantial increased visibility to exactly the users we want to reach [and] will enable us to work directly with Moodle HQ as they ensure that Moodle remains one of the most widely used learning platforms in the world.

Says Kathie Robeson of Elearning Experts

Exciting times for Moodle’s growth. Learn more about the Moodle Partners (now around 70 partners worldwide) at

Disclosure: both Moonami and ElearningExperts are supporters of

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  1. […] Kathie Robeson, a longtime Moodler (her experience started back in 2003 with version 1.0.9) and former Remote-Learner CFO and Chief Service Officer, has been running Elearning Experts since its founding in 2012. Elearning Experts has focused on providing solid, low cost hosting and Moodle services to users who are looking for competitive pricing and an attentive vendor. This past week at the closing remarks of MootUS15 it was announced that they and Moonami were the newest Moodle Partners. […]


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