What is the Moodle Association? The term was first used publicly in a post by Sam Gartner from Moodle HQ at OpenSource.com speaking to how Moodle is driven by user and community feedback [read the post here]. At the end of the article the author explains,

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Moodle also is establishing the Moodle Association, a new, worldwide nonprofit organization expected to launch in a few months. The association will go through a systematic voting process regularly to determine their top priorities for the Moodle Roadmap. Membership fees will then be applied to paying Moodle HQ to develop the specified projects in Moodle core for the entire community.

Consider this the next iteration of community funding for Moodle. While there isn’t a lot of information about the Moodle Association yet published I can assume that the non-profit organization will allow users like me or even my organization to participate in the oversight of setting Moodle’s roadmap and development initiatives moving forward. This is a great opportunity for the community to voice its preferences for the direction of certain code, module changes, and overall trajectory of the code base all while helping to ensure that Moodle HQ is staffed with individuals capable of advancing those goals and turning those goals into usable and downloadable code.

How much will it cost? Will it be democratic? How much force will the Association have over entities like the Partners? A few more details are available at the official website (registration to the site is not yet open):

All members pay membership fees which are collected and managed by an elected committee. All members can then propose development projects, and then the Association will regularly go through a systematic voting process to determine the top priorities of the group. The funds will then be applied to paying Moodle HQ to develop the specified projects in Moodle core for the entire community.

Stay tuned here or at http://moodleassociation.org/

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