Gareth Barnard and David Bogner recently released the Campus theme for Moodle, a responsive and highly customizable theme. As stated in the theme description, it

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is the designers choice. You can make the theme look great, or just really awful. The theme is designed to have the possibility to reflect the corporate identity as much as possible with providing theme settings to adjust your header to your design needs.

The list of settings available allows you to tweak almost every aspect of the theme including

  • Responsive header divided into background/logo
  • Fonts
  • Authentication
  • Full screen settings
  • Sub-themes for course categories
  • Frontpage-Slideshow
  • Category slideshow
  • Social Icons
  • Colors
  • Sticky navigation/header

There are nine or so settings screens to explore and tweak to your needs.

Download the theme at

I installed and clicked around just the base theme as installed on a fresh Moodle site and the experience was very polished and could see a lot of opportunity to make an easy brand match for any clients you might be working with. A few screenshots are below.

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