E-lang module is an activity module maintained by Christophe Demko, which can be used by teachers especially for teaching foreign languages  to their students.
This activity module allows the creation of exercises for learning foreign languages. An exercise is mainly composed of 2 files: a video file and a subtitles file. The subtitles file use either the .srt or .vtt syntax. In this file, text between square/curly brackets have to be guessed by the student (square brackets will propose an help button to the student).

E-Lang activity module

To create an activity using E-Lang module synchronizing video and text must:

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  1. a (s) Video (s) in the format webm , ogv and mp4 (possibility to convert the original video)
  2. subtitles specifying the time codes to allow sentences to chain correctly.

As an example the .srt files can contain entries like:

1 00: 00: 00,000 -> 00: 00: 05.224
Have you ever wondered how [Download and Share] digital content legally?
2 00: 00: 05.273 -> 00: 00: 08.881
How to make people understand that you want them [reuse] your work?

You can download the latest version of the E-Lang activity module from this plugins database entry link: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/mod_elang
You can also have a demo of the Elang activity module using this link.

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