In a recent update to the Moodle plugins directory, David Mudrak posted on Moodle forums about the progress of adding tags at Github and releasing new versions of plugin.


Here are the excerpts:
The Plugins directory now integrates with Github, the most popular hosting site for Moodle plugins code. When adding a new version of a plugin, the list of available tags are fetched from the Github and presented in a drop-down menu.
Selecting the tag and pressing the "Release" button does two things:

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  • The ZIP of the tagged version is loaded into the filepicker so that you do not need to upload it manually.
  • The fields VCS tag, Changelog URL and Alternate download URL are automatically pre-populated with a reasonable value.

To be able to use this new feature, you just have to make sure that the Source control URL field of your plugin record points to the Github repository of the plugin. And of course, you have to tag your code in advance. You can read more on Git tags in their documentation.
Read the full progress through this link:

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