Submit your invitation for MoodleMoot India (#Mootin)


All Moodle community members in India are planning to host a MoodleMoot in India. The forum thread started by Michelle Chawla from is very active, which can be accessed here: .
MoodleMoots are events that feature speakers, workshops, demonstrations and other presentations, motivated for the community and the benefit of Moodle. MoodleMoots have been running for over a decade.
I am collecting the list of interested persons who wants to attend this MoodleMoot. You can fill out the form at if you are interested in attending this Moot.
Till now I have got 29 nominations from all over the country, with choice of venue as:

  • Mumbai – 7
  • Hyderabad – 6
  • Bangalore -5
  • Chennai -5
  • New Delhi -3
  • Pune -3

Hope this Indian MoodleMoot (#mootin) will be great success in the Indian E-Learning industry and we can learn a lot of things from other fellow members in our country.