The subcourse activity module which is actively maintained by David Mudrak, Matt Gibson & Vadim Dvorovenko has been updated for Moodle 2.9 version.
The subcourse activity module provides very simple yet useful functionality. When added into a course, it behaves as a graded activity. The grade for each student is took from a final grade in another course. This allows course designers to organize the learning content into separate units.

Subcourse Activity Settings page

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Acc. to the plugin description:

Subcourse is an activity module that represents the final grade obtained in another course. This allows to create “meta-gradebook” in one course, where all final grades from other courses are aggregated. Grades are automatically fetched via a cron job every 10 minutes or can be fetched manually any time. The grade type and other grade item settings are copied from the original grade total item and can not be changed.

You can download the subcourse plugin from this entry in the Moodle Plugins database. The module is now supported for all Moodle version starting Moodle 2.4+

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