STACK question type which is a very popular plugin in the Moodle plugins database requires your help in the future development. The lead developer of the plugin Christopher Sangwin, is conducting a survey to know how many people use STACK, the extent of their use and what they like or dislike about the current design.  This information is very useful in guiding future development.
STACK is an open-source system for computer-aided assessment in Mathematics and related disciplines, with emphasis on formative assessment. STACK version 3.0+ comprises five related Moodle plug-ins.

STACK question type
STACK question type

You can participate in the survey by clicking on this link (will open in a new tab), and help in contributing to the STACK question type.
The responses will be used to compile a report on the use of STACK and to guide future development of the system.  This report will be published and will be freely available.
You can download the STACK set of plugins from this link:

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