Moodle has got a variety of course formats by which the layout of the course can be changes to attract the attention of the participants in your course. One such course format is Socialwall Course format which changes the default layout of a Moodle course in a Social Learning platform.
Now the popular Socialwall course format has been updated to a new version supporting Moodle 3.0 The layout of the course includes a familiar post interface, timeline of posts, filtering of the timeline, and integration with Moodle’s activities and resources. (Check out our previous coverage here.)
Here is a short introductory presentation about the Socialwall course format.

You can download the latest version of Socialwall format here. It is a part of the Socialwall plugins set, which can be downloaded from this link.
Are you also using Socialwall course format in your Moodle course? What are the other social tools you are using to engage the participants in your course? Do share with us in the comments below.

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