Sketchfab for Atto is a new and small plugin for the Atto text editor which enables you to embed the sketchfab content to rich content areas within Moodle.
You can add any sketchfab content into your Moodle course just by clicking the button in your Atto toolbar, paste a link to a Sketchfab model and the plugin will do the work of embedding a good-looking thumbnail into your post for you.
Moodle Sketchfab Atto Plugin
Sketchfab is a free service for publishing and searching the best 3D content. For more details about Sketchfab, check out the official website:
As an example, you can embed the 3D Moodleframe using this link:
You can also combine this plugin with moodle-filter_sketchfab, a text filter plugin which provides options for automatically replacing these thumbnails with the embedded Sketchfab viewer.
You can download the latest version of the Sketchfab for Atto from this link. Thanks Jetha Chan for sharing such a nice piece of work with the Moodle community.

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