Another New plugin added to the Moodle Plugins database this week is Teaching Team Block which allows you to display the profile picture and contact details of academic and support staff for easy recognition.
You can choose which profile fields will be displayed in the block and it supports to display a maximum of 6 users as a part of teaching team.

Configuration Page of Teaching Team Block
Configuration Page of Teaching Team Block

When I tried this block on my development site then I observed that the plugin is very easy to install. It has got a very sleek interface and its very easy to enter the details of the support staff in the block.
I have added only one user to the block and it started displaying it like –
Teaching Team Block showing details of the staff
The plugin is developed by Mikhail Janowski and is available for Moodle 2.9 only. You cna grab the latest version of the Teaching Team block from the Moodle Plugins database through this link –

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