Shoelace and Essential theme updated with fixed issues @gjbarnard #MoodleThemes


Essential and Shoelace themes which are among the best and the most downloaded themes developed for Moodle & currently maintained by Gareth J Barnard are upgraded to a new version for Moodle 2.9 with fixed issues and improvements.
According to the recent announcements on Moodle forums by Gareth, the changes in the themes are as follows:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Essential Theme version

  • FIX: Issue #509: Show/Hide icon does not change. Thanks to
  • FIX: Issue #530: Essential Custom Menu Hamburger Behaviour. Thanks to Lou K for information.
  • FIX: Issue #557: ‘Undefined index’ error appearing.
  • FIX: Issue #558: Grade overview capability.
  • FIX: Issue #559: Check and adjust breadcrumb hover colours.
  • FIX: Issue #560: Social icon hover colour incorrect.
  • FIX: Issue #561: Site name compressed on small displays.
  • FIX: Issue #563: Undefined property numsections.
  • FIX: Issue #565: Alternative colors: Section highligther in week course format.
  • FIX: Issue #567: Wrong icon appearing in RTL in collapsed tree items in sideblocks.
  • FIX: Issue #568: Missing AJAX animation when opening Site administration in the ADMINISTRATION side-block.
  • FIX: Issue #570: Using i tag alone to set FontAwesome icon colour causes conflict with italics. – FIX: Alternative colours icon bar.
  • FIX: Only cancel buttons should have the theme text colour.
  • FIX: Dropdown sub-menu hover colour, resulting in cleanup of dropdown menu LESS.
  • FIX: Alternative dropdown action menu colours.
  • NEW: Issue #484: Save Changes/Cancel button area. Thanks to Christian Niemczik for supporting and funding the work on the Essential Theme.
  • NEW: Issue #571: Allow slide captions to be html.
  • NEW: Optimised columns3 layout for Tablets.
  • NEW: Refactor Alternative LESS such that it is easier to maintain.

Essential ThemeShoelace theme version

  • Update from Bootstrap theme version 2015092400.
  • Improvements for child theme support.
  • Minor adjustment to date time selector widths.
  • Fix dropdown-submenu position.
  • Fix setting form header text colour.
  • Focus for social icons.
  • Fix body background image when docked.

You can download the latest version of Essential theme from here and Shoelace theme from this link.