Popular Moodle theme “Shoehorn” maintained by Gareth J Barnard is updated to new version making it compatible for Moodle 2.9 beta version.
The list of changes in the new version of the Shoehorn theme are as follows:

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  • Fix source map URL for development version after upgrading to ‘grunt-contrib-less’ version ‘~1.0.0’.
  • Tidy up logo code and information in language file.
  • Tidy up experimental RTL serving.
  • Tidy up and fix syntax highlighting – work in progress.
  • Adjust carousel control icons responsively.
  • Messages popup on the left to avoid anti-gravity icon.
  • Tidy up compact navbar.
  • Remove dependancy on parent ‘bootstrap’ theme.
  • Update to Bootstrap 3.3.4.
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.3.0.

Shoehorn is a Bootstrap version 3 theme that uses Bas Brand’s Bootstrap theme as a parent. It has many innovative features:

  • Accordion block regions.
  • Bespoke copyright statement.
  • Bespoke login page message.
  • Docking.
  • Compact navigation bar option.
  • Course tiles option.
  • Dynamic and customisable footer menu.
  • Dynamic social icons sign with correct icon colours.
  • Fixed navigation bar option.
  • Footer blocks.
  • Front page slider that can be disabled on mobiles / tablets reducing bandwidth.
  • Image bank for storing images that you can use anywhere on the site.
  • Individual control over: front page slides, marketing spots and site pages with:
  • ‘Draft’ / ‘Published’ state.
  • ‘before login’, ‘after login’ or ‘always’ visibility.
  • Set specific language only visibility.
  • Intelligent home footer link that goes back to the most appropriate location.
  • Login page changing background images option.
  • Marketing spots.
  • Messages menu.
  • My courses menu option with allocated dynamic icons.
  • Page bottom blocks.
  • Site pages that you can customise with your own content.
  • Slider navigation of course content with the ‘One section per page’ course layout setting.
  • Social icons with dynamic signpost if desired.
  • Syntax highlighting on content if desired.
  • Transparency control of front and other pages.

You can download the latest version of the shoehorn theme from this link: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/theme_shoehorn

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