David Jones, Academic at University of Southern Queensland, has shared a presentation titled “Opening up and enhancing Moodle books with GitHub, ePub, etc.”  The presentation covers the work done by David as a part of Moodle Open Book Project for the Moodle Book GitHub tool.
Moodle Book GitHub tool integrates the power of collaboration on GitHub with the Moodle Book module and allows the Book module to push and pull it’s content from GitHub. By using this module you can share the contents of a book resource beyond one single course and enabling sharing and potentially the collaborative authoring of the same content from another Moodle course, Moodle instance, or outside of Moodle entirely.
You can have a look on the presentation below:

This blog post gives a description with pictures on how this Moodle Book GitHub tool works. You can also download the code for the project from this GitHub repository. The code is still under development so it is not recommended to be used on the production sites.
How you are going to share your Moodle resources as Open Educational Resources (OER’s). Do share with us in the comments below.

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