Here’s a cool little addon that allows you to embed Sketchfab models directly into Moodle with just a button and a link (users can also embed directly from the site). The plugin is an addon for Atto toolbar and requires 2.7 or higher.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Check it out here:


For any projects that require 3D rendering or using Sketchfab already in your curriculum this is an easy way to extend sharing in discussion forums, online assignments or as part of your instruction. Even cooler is a section of mathematical objects and shapes, the Solar System, architectural renderings, and other notable models which might help in a host of different subjects.

As an example, below is the Rosetta Comet

ESA Rosetta: Comet and Philae’s landing site
by Steren Giannini
on Sketchfab

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