Among the new features currently under development, one of the most important is the inbuilt report builder tool which allow users to generate reports that combine information from logs and other source (activities, courses, users, etc.).
The benefits of the report builder will be:

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  • Allow flexible reports to be created and customised for any need
  • Allow admins and teachers to create reports to redistribute
  • Allow admins and teachers to gain new insights into their students, courses, and faculty
  • Allow reports to be created for plug-ins

You can try out the report builder tool on the prototype Moodle community site at
The specifications for the report builder are mentioned here:  The tracker issue for the report builder is MDL-30193
Technical documentation for the Report Builder is located at:
Here is the report I have build while testing the report builder prototype:
Report Builder
Hope the inbuilt report builder will come soon to the Moodle.

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