In a breaking news Martin Dougiamas the founder of Moodle, has declared on the Moodle forums about the discontinuation of the RL partnership with Moodle HQ.
According to the Martin’s post:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The reasons behind Remote Learner not being a partner are not about the roadmap or any other such nonsense.   I can’t publicly go into all the real reasons why RL left, but it’s clear to anyone that by not being a partner Remote Learner is now contributing even less than it might have been before.
Our actual Moodle partners contribute a significant 10% of their income towards Moodle core maintenance and development.   Remote Learner has decided to pay zero.
If users really want to support core Moodle they should always use a Moodle Partner.  I do not recommend that users choose Remote Learner as a service provider.

Read the full news here:

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