Regex constructor block updated for Moodle 2.8


Regex constructor block which allows you to easily construct regular expression using several tools, that visualise expression you wrote, describe and test it; has been updated by the Lead Maintainer Oleg Sychev to support Moodle 2.8

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According to the description of the block:

This block allows you to create regular expression using several tools:

  • syntax tree shows you the inner structure of regular expressions;
  • explaining graph shows you how your expression will work in a graphical way;
  • description formulates the meaning of your expression in English;
  • testing tool allows you to enter strings and see how they match your regex.

You can also select a part of you expression and see corresponding parts selected in all tools (testing included!).
This block may be useful if you teachers or students have to write regexes working on the course. 

You can download the regex constructor block from this link:
More documentation about the regex constructor block can be found here:

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