Hat tip to Frankie Kam for sharing this link which highlights how one law enforcement institution in Canada upgraded their Moodle to be more user-friendly experience, provide a more mobile-ready experience, and to save its students lots of time in tracking their materials.

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According to the article (link),

Above all, the work focused on an evolution towards a mobile-friendly version of Moodle for the police officer candidates, their instructors… so that they could access multimedia capsules from their mobile devices. It was a logical move, since that training is full of action and simulations.

As a result of the work, the site got an overhaul in how it’s navigated removing unwanted clicks and an upgraded aesthetic thanks to the collaboration with a web developer and new responsive Moodle theme. You can check out the splash page here: http://moodle.enpq.qc.ca/

The outcome, measured in a survey, reflected greater satisfaction for users of the site and especially the improved user experience.  Kudos to Jean-Sébastien Brouard and Jean-François Dragon who managed the project. Read the full article by Jean-Sébastien Brouard, Learning Technology Advisor at http://www.profweb.ca/en/publications/real-life-stories/moodle-revisited-for-better-user-experience-and-accessibility.

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