Progress Bar block, the most downloaded block in the Moodle plugins database is upgraded for  Moodle 2.9. Progress bar block is very well maintained block by the maintainer Michael de Raadt and is downloaded more than 143k times.
Progress bar block is a time management tool for all the teachers and their students. Some of the salient features of progress bar block are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • A time-management tool for students
  • Shows progress in activities/resources
  • Colour coded to quickly see completed/viewed
  • Teachers select which pre-existing activities/resources are to be included
  • Order by times/deadlines or order in course
  • Overview page shows teachers the progress of all students
  • Ability to contact students from the Overview page
  • Combined progress on My home page

You can download the latest version of the progress bar block from this entry in the Moodle plugins database.  More documentation about the progress bar block can be found here:

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