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I’ve been lucky enough to have spent several years on the helpdesk for a number of different technologies. The reason I say lucky is because there is no better way to develop a truly comprehensive knowledge about a technology and also fundamentally understand the user experience.

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Lindy Klein and Chris Mewburn of the Australian College of Nursing have nailed it in their presentation at iMoot2015 earlier this month. This is all the more so because neither of these folks are proper help desk personnel!

Here’s what they cover:

  • How to provide effective support (definitions, timing, informed)
  • Humanizing support (work with the human’s frustrations, not just the technology)

I especially like the fact that Lindy and Chris use ACN as a backdrop for lessons learned and best practices – there is nothing like speaking from experience, especially when your experience has incrementally improved over time and you can clearly identify how you’ve made it happen.

Check out the presentation here:

What is the most positive support experience you ever had? Share it with us in the comments below!

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