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Robert Puffer of Luther College presented at Moodle Moot US 2015 about tightening up the integration between Google Apps and Moodle via a plugin that he’s developed called Morsle. The presentation gives a strong overview of how Morsle helps with the interaction between Moodle and Google docs to make linking and sharing of files easier.

Briefly Morsle creates and manages:

  1. A course folder (based on the Course short name) that provides access to Google Calendar, document folders (a read only and a writeable folder) and Google Sites
  2. A course group
  3. Synchronization between the Moodle calendar and the Google calendar

A few notes / takeaways that I thought important from the Q & A after the presentation:

  • Users must be logged into Google Apps in the same browser session for it to function
  • The integration is efficient because documents, spreadsheets, etc. are not imported into Moodle
  • Morsle takes care of permissions for everything, saving quite a bit of time and administrative effort

You can check out the entire presentation here:

Robert also created a Prezi (back in 2012) that walks through how Morsle works that could be useful to connect the dots about how Google Apps is integrated.

Of course, it is also important to note that Moodle does have a Google App integration. You can find the latest documentation for that here.

Does your institution integrate with Google Apps? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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