In a recent news, POET group has joined the Apereo Foundation Incubation program, engaging Apereo’s expertise in setting up successful Open Source organizations. Additionally, POET has named Mike Churchward as Executive Director to lead POET’s efforts to provide development resources to the Moodle open source project.
POET joins ApereoPOET group was founded in 2015 by several organizations within the Moodle community to look into and help implement improvements to the development of Moodle plug-ins. POET group exists to provide structure for organizations and individuals wishing to provide collaborative efforts and resources to the Moodle open source project as part of an organized group.
The Apereo Foundation was founded in December 2012 to provide a legal and organizational home for a number of open source software communities serving education. Currently, Apereo serves sixteen such communities ranging from long-established projects such as CAS, uPortal, Xerte, Opencast and Sakai through to newer initiatives such as the Open Academic Environment and Student Success Plan.
“I believe the objectives of POET align very well with the Apereo mission and ecosystem,” said Ian Dolphin, Apereo Foundation Executive Director. “I look forward to working with Mike and POET to make the initiative a success and realize benefits across our communities.” Dolphin also welcomes Remote-Learner and Lambda Solutions who have joined Apereo as members in support of POET and Apereo’s open source mission.
“Apereo will provide valuable expertise in planning and operating an organization focused on open source innovation,” said Mike Churchward. “Apereo’s emergence as a point of focus for the development and sustenance of open source software for education is a natural fit for POET’s mission. Their incubation process will greatly enhance and speed our establishment.”

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