Pioneer is an upcoming Moodle theme for Moodle 2.8 and 2.9 to be released in a week on Moodle plugins database. The theme will blow your mind with its awesome and unique  features.
The Pioneer theme is developed by Chris Kenniburg and includes features like –

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Use any Google Font with simple copy/paste.  Pick a font for Headers and one for Body.  Also control Font Size for body.
  • Custom Icon Navigation at top of each page for quickly getting around which includes the Custom Moodle Menu, Language Menu, and Course Search box.
  • Course Summary Images from Course Settings are now utilized by the theme Header in each course!  Thank you Richard Oelmann. This allows teachers to customize the header image in their course.
  • Socialwall Course Format Integration and customization.  Allows you to control the look and feel of the Socialwall Course Format from the admin panel.
  • Blocks have special styling brought to Moodle by Mary Evans in which the Block Title appears on the side of the block.  This creates visual separation from the rest of the page and is a nice visual cue for the learner.
  • Single Page look and feel
  • Two Columns
  • Right aligned blocks
  • Course drop down menu like BCU theme
  • Course Block Styling Toggle.  Allow admin to pick between three different stylesheets for blocks and activity background styling.

Here is a nice demo video to have a look and feel of the finished Pioneer theme or else check out this direct link.

Do you also like this Pioneer theme? We will keep you informed once it is released in the Moodle plugins database.

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