In two Moodle-ecommerce related news items, yesterday it was announced that Paradiso Solutions has launched a service to integrate soon-to-be publicly traded Shopify, a web-based store front service used by 1000s of online shops. According to the press release,

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With this integration, businesses and organizations can enjoy the Shopify eCommerce platform and the shopping cart experience right inside their Moodle eLearning platform. Seamless Shopify Moodle Integration allows you to sell your courses through Shopify and turn your Moodle into a complete eCommerce LMS platform.

The integration brings Moodle sites the ability to easily sell courses and automate enrollments. (Read the full release here:

In other news, Automattic, a company whose business is supporting users of WordPress announced that it had acquired WooCommerce, a popular ecommerce site which integrate with WordPress and Moodle. This puts great open source support behind an open source solution which could be used similarly to sell courses and manage course enrollments. Check out the announcement by WooThemes here:

There are several companies that help to provide WooCommerce and Moodle integrations:

Note: Paradiso Solutions is a supporter of

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