dyanmicsParadiso Solutions continues to expand it’s 3rd party integration services and expertise by announcing the newest integration with Microsoft Dynamics, a customer relationship management system used by businesses worldwide. Dynamics, like Salesforce and Sugar CRM, offers tools to help manage customers and business efforts with sales and acquisition flow and budgeting, etc. If your organization is a Microsoft Dynamics user already and is looking to integrate its LMS this might be a great tool to explore.

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Press release:

Paradiso Solutions releases Moodle LMS Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration.

With this integration businesses and organizations can import data stored on Moodle back to CRM, and CRM contacts and data back into Moodle.
Complete two-way Moodle Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration allows you to measure, track and optimize sales training and prospect communication, as well as syncing data between platforms.

Moodle Dynamics CRM Integration offers:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Moodle
  • Training Embedded within Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • User Data Synchronization
  • Access Moodle records and data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Course Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Auto-Enrollment
  • Training Recommendation Engine based on Triggers
  • Run Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

¨There are many educational and corporate organizations who are leveraging the power of the Microsoft platform alongside of Moodle. Paradiso has combined Moodle and Microsoft platforms so that Dynamics CRM and Office 365 products are fully integrated with Moodle. This integrations helps organizations deliver much better learning experience for the employees, students or customers.¨ says Sach Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso Solutions.

More Resources & Information:

Website: https://www.paradisosolutions.com/moodle-integrations/moodle-microsoft-dynamics-crm-integration

About Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that enables companies to market smarter and sell effectively and productively. Dynamics CRM is delivered in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination.

For more information check out https://www.paradisosolutions.com/

Note: Paradiso Solutions is a sponsor of Moodlenews.com.

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