Recently LTI integration to Office Mix was announced providing Moodle users the ability to connect to the Microsoft tool through external links in Moodle. According to the EduAppCenter description of the tool,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Office Mix ( is a free extension to PowerPoint that makes it easy to author and share interactive online lessons. Teachers can easily add audio and video narration, real-time inking, screen recordings, quizzes and polls, and simulations from within PowerPoint. Lessons can be viewed in practically any browser on any-device.

There are some great examples on the website which I’d encourage you to check out. This is a great way to dress up an online course to include audio and interactivity within course resources that you may already be using in a less user-friendly or device-friendly format.

Check out Office Mix at

LTI connection instructions are available at

Below is one example of an Office Mix presentation.

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