In order to add more interactivity on your Moodle site for your students you can use the new report plugin “My Feedback” which is being maintained by Jessica Gramp.
My feedback is a report plugin which gathers all the student feedback on a single page. This report appears on the My Profile >> Activity Reports menu and allows students to see an overview of all their grades and feedback for assessment activities such as

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Moodle Assignments,
  • Turnitin Assignments (v1 & v2),
  • Workshops and
  • Quizzes.

Report: My Feedback
Report: My Feedback

It provides their visible grades and a link to their submission and any feedback that has been released to them.
The report is intended to help students understand the variety of feedback they receive. It can also be used to identify similarities between feedback received from across modules and years to help students see how they can improve their work in future assessments.
Please note that this plugin has some privacy issues as it reveals grades to students, so any changes that you make need to be tested thoroughly to ensure they don’t reveal hidden grades.
You can download the latest version of the plugin from this link:

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