A lot of new plugins are added to the Moodle plugins database in this week out of which the first one is the question report plugin “Random Question Summary” which allows for the analysis of random questions within a Quiz.
Acc. to the plugin description:

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The report lists all possible questions that could occur from random questions in a quiz, identifies which questions were answered by each user, if they were answered correctly and provides summary statistics such as how many times each question was asked.
Other improvements include:

  • The Average time-taken for all users in the report.
  • The ability for the users response for particular question numbers to be added to the end of the report.  (via site-level settings for this report)

You can download the Random Question Summary plugin from https://moodle.org/plugins/view/quiz_randomsummary
Thanks Dan Marsden for sharing such a nice plugin with the Moodle Community.

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