New Plugin – Emit events from Moodle Logstore as xAPI statements using Logstore xAPI


One of the recently released plugins in the Moodle plugins database is the Logstore xAPI which allows you to emits events from the Moodle Logstore as xAPI statements.
Moodle Logstore is a log of activities in Moodle. When you view a course, complete a quiz, or grade a student a log of that activity is recorded in the Logstore. The plugin uses these logs to produce xAPI statements and then sends (emits) them to an LRS that you can configure.
The documentation about how to install the plugin are linked here and how to add events after installing the plugin are mentioned here and these are the supported events.
You can download the latest version of the Logstore xAPI from currently it supports Moodle 2.8 and 2.9

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